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New Year brings New Projects

Updated: Jan 10

Welcome to 2024!

In the past year we celebrated an important milestone: The Town of Hurley achieved Bronze Certification. Some of the tasks completed in 2023 included publishing a Disaster Planning guide on the web site, participating in the Ulster County Fair's Climate Solutions Booth, contributing commentary on the first Draft Comprehensive Plan, and submitting a grant application for funds to rehab the old library building. The Town Board made great progress in addressing solid waste disposal issues which align with Climate Smart goals.

This year we're introducing Hurleyites to an exciting new grant opportunity that seeks direct participation - more details on that tomorrow! We also set our sights on adding more points to our CEC Scorecard, updating the Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory and joining with nearby communities to develop guidelines to complete Climate Action Plan recommendations for our town.

We also continue working on goals set from last year:

  1. Working on a Climate Change Education and Engagement Plan (PE9)

  2. Supporting and documenting composting actions by the town government for Climate Smart Community certification (PE5)

  3. Set up energy usage benchmarking for for municipal facilities

  4. Energy code training for building code staff

  5. Making sure that the Comprehensive Plan contains sustainability elements

  6. Developing Hurley's Climate Action Plan

We've scheduled meetings on the 1st Tuesday of the Month for 2024. More details for joining us will be posted on the Town's Calendar and it's on our website.

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