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What's the 411 about Heat Pumps?

Heating and cooling homes is one of the largest sources of GHG emissions in our town. Electrifying residential heating systems with heat pumps, coupled with an energy efficient envelope, makes a huge difference in a family's carbon footprint.


One of the most important things that can be done to fight climate change is to stop using fossil fuels for heating  our  homes, and switching to  energy saving split air heat pumps for both air conditioning and heating. Some may have the opportunity to add solar panels to their roofs.

Upgrading systems can be costly, but that cost and potential financing, is offset by the energy savings. Projects often pay for themselves within a 5-year time frame.

Learn more about heat pumps and special offers on the  NYS Energy Research and Development Authority - NYSERDA's website for residental and commercial buildings.  Visit to learn more about heat pump technology, the types available, installation and operation costs, and questions to ask an installer.

2024 Clean Energy Heat Pump Challenge offers Grant Money for Local Installations

Heat Pumps are a prime Electrification Opportunity. Mini-splits offer heating and cooling, helps reduce energy usage and costs.

In fact, during 2024, town residents can help the town earn grant money when they install heat pumps in their homes. At the Febrary 27, 2024 TB meeting Tom Konrad talked about the savings and incentives available to homeowners and businesses. Read more about that here, and check out the slide presentation.   


Heat Pumps Installed at Town Hall

Installation of Two Mitsubishi SUZ-KA30NAHZ and two Mitsubishi  PUZ-HA42NKA ductless heat pumps at the Hurley Town Hall was completed by Jeff Lowe Plumbing Heating A/C, Inc. of Kingston on October 28, 2021. The installer is a  NYSERDA Air Source Heat Pump Program participating contractor .

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