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Earth Day 2023: Hurley Achieves Bronze Certification

As seen on the Town of Hurley's website, we are excited to announce that the State of New York awarded Bronze Certification to the Town of Hurley for completing a variety of Climate Smart actions.

Hurley Bronze Certified sign to  be displayed at Town Hall
The sign pictured here, and another like it, will be displayed in the Town Hall at 10 Wamsley Place.)

Hurley was one of 19 localities in the state to earn Climate Smart Communities certification this year.

To achieve Climate Smart certification, local governments accumulate points for planning and implementing actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve community resilience to the impacts of climate change. Hurley's application was approved for 19 actions in 8 categories for a total of 137 points.The certification report, which lists actions the town took to be certified a Climate Smart Community, can be viewed by clicking here.

To date, 377 local governments representing more than 9.4 million New Yorkers have adopted the Climate Smart Communities pledge. With the certifications announced Friday, there now are 118 Climate Smart Communities in New York State – 10 at the silver level and 108 at the bronze level

For more information about the Climate Smart Communities program, click here.

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