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Residents Can Help Town Earn Financial Rewards for Clean Energy Choices

Updated: Jun 22

changing a split air heat pump filter

With town resident and business participation, we can now earn financial rewards for specific clean energy actions through three different campaigns:

  • Electric vehicle purchases,

  • installing clean heating/cooling systems (i.e. heat pumps), and

  • Community Solar sign-ups.

With your help, the Town can earn up to $20,000 from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to use toward clean energy, money-saving upgrades in Town facilities. Grant money can be used for practical things in town, such as upgrading the pedestrian experience in Old Hurley's hub, or weatherizing town buildings to save money on heating and cooling.

Why now? 2023 is officially on record as being the hottest year in human history. Taking these actions helps us lower fossil fuel emissions which contribute greatly to warming temperatures.

Here’s how we 'earn' the grant money:

● When we report that five electric vehicles have been purchased by town residents or entities, the Town can receive a $5,000 grant. (Purchases made after Nov. 29, 2023 qualify.)

➢ For information from NYSERDA about electric vehicles, go to

➢ For information about NYSERDA’s Drive Clean Rebate Program, go to

● If we report five installations of heat pumps or heat pump water heaters in the Town, we can receive a $5,000 grant. (Installations completed after Nov. 29, 2023 qualify.)

➢ For information about heat pump options, rebates and tax credits, go to

● Once we report that 50 residents or businesses in Hurley signed up for community solar, the program that saves customers up to 10% on their electric bills, the Town can receive a $10,000 grant. All subscriptions begun after June 1, 2023, are eligible.

➢ Regarding Community Solar: Electric customers can save up to 10% on their bills without having to install solar panels. Panels are installed elsewhere, and subscribers get a benefit. There’s no cost to subscribe, and the process takes only 5 to 10 minutes.

To find a provider, go to Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp.’s Clean Energy Market site at To get credit for grant money, let us know which company you chose, and when you started.

Is one of these clean energy solutions right for you? If you have questions, or want to discuss a choice, let us know. If you complete one of these actions TELL US with an email to so we can keep track of our goal and claim our reward.

Together we make a difference!


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