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EV Presentation Wraps Up Electrification Opportunities Series

Updated: Jun 22

After some scheduling delays, on May 14 the third and final presentation in Hurley’s Electrification Opportunities Series was given at the Town Board meeting. Conducted by Samrat Pathania, energy coach, teacher and Co-Chair of the Climate Reality Project’s local chapter, it focused on electric vehicle (EV) ownership. He also discussed why EV's are the best vehicles for the environment, and did not ignore mining, recycling and waste concerns while discussing continuing advances in EV battery technology. You can view his slides here.

Did you know that Immediate rebates of up to $9,500 are available to New Yorkers who purchase EVs directly from dealers? Read more about it here.

The Electrification Opportunities Series is part of Climate Smart Hurley’s effort to earn up to $20,000 toward municipal clean energy upgrades. But the money can only be secured with the help of Town residents. When enough Hurley residents or businesses make one of these clean energy, choices we qualify for clean energy grants.


• Purchase an electric vehicle after Nov. 28, 2023?

• Install a heat pump or heat pump water heater after Nov. 28, 2023?

• Sign up for community solar after June 1, 2023? (no cost to do so)

If the answer to any of the above is YES, help Climate Smart Hurley help the Town by emailing details to

Are you interested and not sure how to proceed?

Signing up to talk to an energy coach online is easy, and can help you decide which energy saving options are right for you. To connect, go to or

Clean Energy Challenge Update

As of this writing, we have documented sufficient EV and Heat Pump purchases to qualify for $10,000 in grants, and those applications are in the works. With additional installations / purchases, we can qualify for up to another $10,000.

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