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Clean Energy March Presentation: Community Solar

At the March 26 meeting of the Town Board, Cornell Climate Steward and Hurley Climate Smart Task Force member Lynne Bailey spoke about signing up for Community Solar. This program allows residents and businesses to join a Community Solar project in their region. You can see the presentation slides here.

You are eligible for Community Solar if you… Community Solar is Always a Good Deal

▪ Have Central Hudson electric bill ▪ No cost to enroll

▪ Don’t have solar panels  ▪ Saves up to 10% on electric bills 

▪ Takes 5 to 10 minutes

▪ Online billing only

Want help signing up?

▪ Contact an Energy Coach

▪ Call Energy Sage at (888) 989-9490

Community Solar Diagram

How Community Solar Works

The clean energy generated from the solar project you subscribe to is fed into the local power grid. Subscribers receive monthly credits on their electricity bills to lower their costs by up to 10%, or bills are sent directly by the provider

Quick Recap: The Town can earn up to $20,000 toward Municipal Clean Energy Upgrades with Your Help

DID YOU: • Purchase an electric vehicle after Nov. 28, 2023? • Install a heat pump or heat pump water heater after Nov. 28, 2023? • Sign up for community solar after June 1, 2023?

Be counted - let know with an email to

When there are 50 new subscribers for Community Solar in the Town (From June 1, 2023), the Town becomes eligible for $10,000 in grant money.

Upcoming Presentation

Our last presentation is scheduled for the second Town Board meeting in April (date to be determined). Samrat Pathania, an energy coach, teacher and Co-Chair of the Climate Reality Project’s local chapter, will provide a closer look at electric vehicles and why they are a great clean energy choice for drivers.


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