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Going Electric in the Yard

Electric Yard Equipment Has Come a Long Way


Which is a good thing. The US Transportation Department data from 2020 showed that Americans used roughly 3 billion gallons of gasoline to run lawn and garden equipment. That’s the equivalent of nearly 6 million passenger cars running for a year (about 27.6 metric tons of CO2). By going electric, we can eliminate those emissions.

If the thought of No Gas Cans, No Fumes, Less Noise and virtually No Maintenance makes you smile, then switching to electric yard equipment can make all that a reality.


As much as we love pollinator gardens, sometimes you just need a lawn. And the good news is, most of us can maintain it without gasoline. Unless you need to mow very large areas over 2 ½ acres on one charge, there’s an electric mower out there for you.(1)

Just like gas-powered models, electric mower models range from the small and simple push style to sophisticated riding machines. They are also much quieter, weigh less, and produce zero carbon emissions(2) and are less expensive to operate and maintain than gas-powered mowers(3) since you don't have to replace parts annually like spark plugs, oil and air filters(4).  


Looking for a riding mower?

Check out the review(5) from Bob Vila ™   Riding mowers are ideal for large lawns up to 2 1/2 acres or MORE (6).

There are many electric yard tools available. If you choose a particular brand, they can share batteries, and many consumers have two on hand for hedge trimmers, weed whackers, leaf blowers and the like. NYSERDA discusses the advantages and specifics on their website at

"Transitioning to electric lawn equipment is a true win-win-win. It provides a quieter experience for the public, a better user experience for our staff, and it reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Your yard, and neighbors, will thank you for making the switch." -Brendan Woodruff, NYS DEC Director of Sustainability

I personally have both electric battery and corded electric yard equipment and at least one of our members has been using a battery-powered lawn mower for several years and loves the resuIts. An electric weed whacker handles my small lawn.

If you’re in the market for a new lawn mower or yard tool, consider enjoying the benefits of going electric.

These resources can help you make a great decision.


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