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  • Felicia Legge

Our Community Carbon Footprint: Greenhouse Gas Inventory for the Town of Hurley

I am happy to share with our readers that the Hurley Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory has been completed.

Thanks to the help of Task Force Member Lynne Bailey for guiding me towards accomplishing that goal for the community, and Mike Boms for introducing me to the Climate Smart Community Task Force and giving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and ability to contribute to the Town on their journey towards receiving Bronze Certification. This study earns Hurley 16 points (10%) towards completing that goal.

Doing this work, I’ve gained a much better understanding of what goes into researching greenhouse gasses. Collecting and documenting data is such a large portion of discovering how we can make changes, and with how we’re treating the environment. I invite you to spend a few minutes reading through the inventory - the appendix in the report explains what is included in each different sector. My hope is for the reader to have a better understanding, too, of just how many and what kinds of greenhouse gasses are emitted into our atmosphere every year.

There are so many sources that produce greenhouse gas emissions, much that many would overlook, including me. But with the right resources, education, and presentation that shares where we are headed environmentally, I can see very clearly that it isn’t just about transportation. Dangerous emissions are everywhere, including in our homes, our food, our clothes, and everything that is a part of the human cycle of production and consumption.

What's next?

The Climate Change problem seems so big - in 2018 alone, global ghg emissions were 48.94BN TCO₂e - but when you look at the pieces manageable solutions appear. Multiple wasy of reducing GHG is the key to that. It sounds daunting, but there's lots of solutions that are happening in our homes and communities, and with businesses large and small, right now. I'm learning tha there's more each of us can do, and I'm reminded that small changes accumulate and grow into big changes.

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