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Exploring Greenhouse Gases at Hurley Rec Summer Camp

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

In August we were invited to lead an afternoon learning workshop for Summer Camp at the Hurley Recreation Center. Expanding on the GHG learning activity presented at the Ulster County Fair, Lynne Bailey created a GHG Word Search, activities and additional materials for students of varied ages to work in groups. Each child had their own Word Search and worksheet to work on, and was pinned with one letter: O - N - C - H representing Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon and Hydrogen atoms. They got together, arms to shoulders, to form Water Vapor (H2O), Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Nitrous Oxide (N2O) molecules.

The main points for all ages were learning 1) the difference between climate and weather (TIME), 2) the nature of a gas, and 3) that greenhouse gases naturally warm the planet. In their groups, campers listed the atoms that formed their gas, noted a property of the gas, and completed a basic worksheet. Older campers had addtional materials to peruse.

There were about 40 campers,

mostly in grades 1-4, and they all got to build their GHG molecules using candy and toothpicks at the end of the session. Kristen Schara was on hand to assist Lynne Bailey with the activities.

We had a great afternoon with the kids and kept them busy and learning the basics, for about an hour and a half. That they had to move around to form groups of atoms took advantage of the outdoor setting, and got them mingling across age groups.

You can find files with the materials created for the activities and a flexible lesson plan that can be used for learners of all ages here:

Links to Learning about Greenhouse Gases


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