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Solarize Hurley with
Community Solar

No Installation - No Fees
Green the Electric Grid
Save up to 10% on Electric Bills
$100 Subscriber Gift Cards

This Incentive Program Ended July 15, 2021
$100 Donation for Each Subscriber to Ulster County's Green New Deal Fund
Earn points for Hurley ClimateSmart Certification  

Hurley's Climate Smart Committee is promoting this campaign to help reduce green gas emissions by using renewal energy. The town will also be eligible for an additional $5,000 grant to assist us to prepare for the future. 

Solar fields located in Ulster County and the surrounding region are generating electricity that must be purchased by a utility account holder.   Our campaign providers are offering these credits at a 10% discount—so you pay for only  90% of the credits you receive on your utility bill. There is no initial cost or monthly fee. For example: if you receive $100 in credits, you will pay your provider $90 and save the remaining $10. If you pay an electric bill, you can receive community solar credits.  You do not have to be a homeowner. 

  How does community solar work?
  Subscribe between June 9 - July 15 for Greatest Benefits - Sign Up Here
  • Save money every month on your electric bill. Everyone who pays their own electric bill, including renters, co-op/ condo owners and business owners, can participate in a community solar project.

  • Help to green the electric grid and support your local economy.

  • No upfront costs, monthly fees or equipment to install.

  • Minimal commitment. You can cancel your community solar subscription with 90 days notice (this is the time it takes the utility to stop the flow of credits); there is no cancellation fee.

  • Benefit Ulster County’s Green New Deal. For each subscription, the Solarize Ulster providers will donate $100 to the County’s Green New Deal fund. 

  • Help the Town of Hurley qualify for additional grants.

  • Get a $100 gift card.

Solarize Ulster is an initiative of Ulster County’s Green New Deal

Ulster County has partnered with  three community solar providers  to offer subscriptions during the Solarize Ulster. 

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