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Winter Storm Watch! What's your plan?

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

At the CSTF we've been talking about how to prepare for winter emergencies. Who can forget that most of Hurley was without electricity during a zero degree cold snap for up to a week last winter!

For many of us that meant no heat, and if you have a well, no running water either. Every household should have a strategy in place for dealing with emergencies, and there's a new there's a new section on the Hurley Town website that should help. It's all about Disaster Preparedness . You'll find some good ideas there, like how much water you should store, but every household is different and plans need to be customized. You may have a fireplace or a back-up generator, you may only have an outdoor BBQ, or you may not have cell phone service. We urge you to devise or review an Emergency Plan for your own home, and we'd love to hear some suggestions. How did you get through last year's emergency? Did that experience change your strategies for future emergencies? Please add your comments and suggestions below, or email them to us at Together, let's all get ready for the next storm.

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Oct 23, 2023

Listening to the radio can be very helpful during emergencies. Both Kingston Radio and Woodstock Radio were broadcasting, but I don't own a battery powered Radio. Instead, I use an App (NextRadio) I had already downloaded, which uses my phone as an FM Radio receiver. This works on my Samsung Android phone. For charging my cell phone, I bought (2) inexpensive solar-chargeable portable power banks and that works well.

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