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What We're Working on in 2022

As part of a NYS initiative, the Hurley Climate Smart Task Force is fulfilling the pledge taken by the Town of Hurley in 2018 to be a Climate Smart Community. There are many other communities in the state doing this as well. To be 'Climate Smart' is to inform the public about the issue, inventory the town's sources of greenhouse gasses, calculate the quantity, take actions and help build an action plan to mitigate and adapt to climate change at the town level. The CSTF will also suggest and advocate for policies and decisions that align with climate smart goals and a town's climate action plan.

At our last meeting we talked about the best way to earn enough points to apply for Bronze Certification by July 1, 2022, which requires a minimum of 120 points. Here's a list of some of the priority tasks we decided to work on to get there:

  • Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory - 16 points

  • Municipal Greenhouse Gas Inventory - 16 points

  • Actionable Energy Audits for town buildings - 8 points

  • Fleet inventory, energy usage and efficiency polity - 16 points

  • Documenting heat pump and solar array installations - 18 points

Now that we've got 3 members, a new student intern and a critical assist from Peter McKnight of the Planning Board, we're working to earn those points before the end of June. In fact, we expect to present the Community GHG Inventory at a March TB meeting!

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