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SUNY Ulster Intern Starts Work with the Climate Smart Task Force

In December of 2021 TF member Lynne Bailey, a former teacher, floated the possibility of getting a student internship approved for the upcoming semester with TB Member Mike Boms, a biology professor at SUNY Ulster. Mike was all for it, and Lynne compiled a proposal for the school's consideration and volunteered to oversee the program and facilitate the student's studies, work and progress. The proposal was accepted and fortunately for us, Felicia Legge signed up for the challenge.

Felicia is an aspiring scientist majoring in Environmental Science at Suny Ulster Community College. Her interest and compassion for wildlife and the natural world extends to all aspects of life. She is an observational writer, artist, and poet, striving to excel in her fields of learning towards achieving her environmental goals.

Over the past month Felicia researched and helped write a Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory for the Town of Hurley. It's under review and we expect it to be realeased for the next Town Board meeting on March 8, 2022. We're really happy to welcome Felicia to the team and hope that her time with us is productive in many ways.

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