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Local Champions Awards Grant to Hurley's Climate Smart Committee

Updated: Jun 25

Jan 14 2021 Under the leadership of Kristen Schara, Hurley was 1 of 6 towns in New York's Hudson Valley selected for an $8,000 grant.

See their website at Lifeboats HV is an initiative of the New World Foundation. Their mission is to foster social and ecological reconnection and repair in the Hudson Valley. The Local Champions pilot was designed for municipalities that signaled interest in the Climate Smart Communities program but who need a helping hand getting started and keeping up momentum.

Funding can be used to hire consultants to assist the town in completing tasks to achieve bronze certification—achieving and documenting steps in reducing carbon and enhancing resiliency. The grant is meant to support the efforts of the Local Champion or to be placed into a designated fund to underwrite other charitable activities necessary to achieve bronze status. Local Champions are expected to spend 10-15 hours/week on CSC and attend the programming and meetings, over the course of 6 months, starting in February 2021.

Great work Kristen !

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