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Town of Hurley Authorizes Climate Smart Task Force

Updated: Jun 25

Nov 23 2019: Resolution No, 2020-171: WHEREAS the Town of Hurley adopted the New York State Climate Smart Communities Pledge; and WHEREAS, the Town wishes to obtain certification under the Climate Smart Communities Program and is desirous of determining how climate change will affect the Town of Hurley and has decided to take further steps toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and WHEREAS, a task force or committee can provide local government decision makers with information about establishing and implementing climate smart initiatives, propose new ideas to its local government and can identify funding sources.

What is the Task Force mission? Climate Smart Task Force shall have the following mission:

Develop a strategy and work plan for establishing a baseline for the town's and community's current emissions, recommend energy reduction targets Identify new strategies for reductions and energy efficiency, recommend ways in which these strategies can be incorporated into the town's economic development and planning efforts, and recommend ways for the town to implement these strategies .

Hurley Takes the Pledge

IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that Town f Hurley, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate, adopts the New York State Climate Smart Communities pledge, which comprises the following ten elements:

1) Build a climate-smart community.

2) Inventory emissions, set goals, and plan for climate action.

3) Decrease energy use.

4) Shift to clean, renewable energy.

5) Use climate-smart materials management.

6) Implement climate-smart land use.

7) Enhance community resilience to climate change.

8) Support a green innovation economy.

9) Inform and inspire the public.

10) Engage in an evolving process of climate action..

Kristen Schara named Coordinator:

Town Board officially designates CAC member Kristen Schara as the Climate Smart Coordinator who, together with the CAC will serve as the Climate Smart Community Task Force for the Town of Hurley. Other members include Nancy Johnson, Andrew Shapiro, Lynne Bailey and Town Board Member Melinda McKnight

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