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Follow the Red-headed Woodpecker to the Climate Smart Solutions Center at the Ulster County Fair!

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

August 3, 2021 Ulster County's Climate Smart Community task forces members - including yours truly - have been hard at work to bring some fun and creativity to our exhibit at the fair.

Part of our exhibit explores how climate change affects birds - especially this Woodpecker. Graffiti artist Lady Pink took some plywood and created this great sculpture for us which will point you in the right direction. Come make an Origami Woodpecker! We've got Wikki Stix for younger children to create with.

Visit our vendors and complete a simple crossword puzzle to enter to our raffle for great prizes. When a child or a family completes a crossword, each family member gets one entry. Raffle takes place Sunday at 5 pm. You need not be present to win. While supplies last, you might also score a coupon for a free scoop of Stewart's Ice Cream, packet of seeds from Lowe's or a reusable shopping bag from UCCRA.

Hurley Task Force Member Lynne Bailey will be there Tuesday from 4-10 pm and Saturday from 6-11 pm. Task Force Coordinator Kristen Schara will be there Thursday from 6-10 pm and Saturday form 10 am 2 pm. Since I'll be there later today from 4 - 10, I'll share some photos from our first day at the fair.

Hope you can join us - there's so much to do and explore at the County Fair.

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