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2023 Priority List Emerges

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Last year we made a list of tasks to complete for our Bronze Certification submission, and as we reported here, that application was submitted in January. We are waiting on the results of a state review and feel confident that certification is near.

At the January meeting, these priorities emerged from our discussion.

  1. Working on a Climate Change Education and Engagement Plan (PE9)

  2. Supporting and documenting composting actions by the town government for Climate Smart Community certification (PE5)

  3. Set up energy usage benchmarking for for municipal facilities

  4. Energy code training for building code staff (or proof that the training that happened last year if it applies)

  5. Finalize municipal recycling policy

  6. Making sure that the Comprehensive Plan contains sustainability elements

  7. Starting Hurley's Climate Action Plan

Completion of some of these actions accures points in the NYS Clean Energy and Climate Smart Community programs which can result in funding grants.

During the course of the year, we look forward to collaborating with town residents and officials to develop these plans and policies. Hope you'll be joining us!

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