As concerns about climate change grow, New York State, Ulster County and the Town of Hurley have initiated programs to mitigate and adapt to this challenge. At the town level this Task Force was formed to advise the Town, create plans, articulate specific goals and complete projects to prepare for changes ahead.


We're working on a  Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory, climate action plans, vulnerability assessments, and planning other actions to achieve Bronze Level Certification. Town residents can follow the Town's progress and plans toward achieving GHG targets and other goals in these pages. Subscribe below to get updates.

Monthly Task Force meetings take place on the 3nd Tuesday of the month, at 7 PM via Zoom. 

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Looking for Agendas & Minutes?

These are now posted on the Town of Hurley's website. Find them at

  • The Town of Hurley is taking steps to become better prepared for a changing climate. The town created the ClimateSmart Task Force and became part of the NYS initiative. 

  • As tasks are completed, points are received. The CSC is working toward earning 120 points to obtain Bronze Certification 

  • Hurley's ClimateSmart Assessment was just completed. By using this tool the CSC has identified actions the town has already completed; what actions are in process; and how best to prioritize these tasks for achieving Bronze and then Silver certification for the Town of Hurley. 

Ideas for how you can do things in your home and life to improve climate resiliency. 

A summary of actions that residents and businesses in the community can take to reduce their GHG emissions:​